RetroCiclas MTB Tours Colombia:

  • Rejects exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and other forms of sexual abuse with minors, Law 679 of 2001.

  • Complies with Law 17 of 1981 and Resolution 1367 of 2000 against the commercialization and trafficking of species of fauna and flora.

  • Rejects the commercialization and illegal traffic of regional and national cultural property, Law 103 of 1991 and its decree 904 of 1941, law 397 of 1997 and its decree 833 of 2002, law 1185 of 2008.

  • Invites its suppliers, customers and allies to make efficient use of natural resources such as water and energy, as well as the good management of solid waste that can be generated.


RetroCiclas MTB Tours Colombia:

  • Rechaza la explotación, la pornografía, el turismo sexual y demás formas de abuso sexual con menores, Ley 679 de 2001.

  • Cumple la Ley 17 de 1981 y Resolución 1367 de 2000 contra la comercialización y tráfico de especies de fauna y flora silvestre.

  • Rechaza la comercialización y tráfico ilegal de bienes culturales regionales y nacionales, Ley 103 de 1991 y su decreto 904 de 1941, ley 397 de 1997  y su decreto 833 de 2002, ley 1185 de 2008.

  • Invita a sus proveedores, clientes y aliados a hacer uso eficiente de los recursos naturales como el agua y la energía, así como al buen manejo de los residuos sólidos que se puedan generar.

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RetroCiclas Tours Colombia- Tour local operator of nature and adventure specialized in tours on bike, hiking, culture and local experiences in the Coffee Cultural Landscape. - Rejects the exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and other forms of sexual abuse with minors and therefore is in accordance with the Law 679 of 2001 - See all fulfillments of law